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    1. Introduction- Applying to Universities in the U.S.

    2. Agenda

    3. Application Checklist

    4. Supplemental Application Checklist for International Students

    1. Mastering the Undergraduate Application

    1. Conquering the Graduate School Application

    1. Demystifying Financial Aid- UCLA Financial Aid Presentationa

    1. Securing Scholarships

    1. Education Trailblazers Panel

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Featured Seminar Leader Tatiana Mengistu

Ms. Mengistu graduated from UCLA with a bachelor's degree in Neuroscience. Ms. Mengistu is incredibly passionate about students' success. She is bilingual and have enormous experience teaching math and science classes at different levels. She taught math and life science classes to elementary and middle school students. Ms. Mengistu used lesson plans and always integrated fun activities to grab her students’ attention. At Santa Monica College, she worked as a general chemistry and biology tutor for two years. Ms. Mengistu helped students understand previous lessons and assisted them in completing their assignments and laboratory reports. Once a week, she facilitated large-group discussion sessions to encourage students to share ideas on challenging concepts. For students who needed extra help, Ms. Mengistu set aside her weekends to provide private tutoring. This one-on-one interaction allowed Ms. Mengistu to build strong relationships with her students. After introducing the general concepts, they still had ample time to practice the material by themselves, which allowed her to record their gradual improvements. Besides Tutoring, Ms. Mengistu also has experience mentoring students. During her stay in a stroke recovery lab at UCLA, she appreciated the value of having a mentor that made her comfortable to ask questions. Ms. Mengistu's project supervisor was one of the mentors who was passionate about explaining complex ideas in simplistic forms. Ms. Mengistu took his approach when I was training undergraduate students for her project. She taught them different lab techniques and facilitated discussions over various journals. She encouraged her students to become comfortable to ask questions whenever they encounter difficulties. She has also been coaching various students on college applications. Three of the students she advised have now transferred to UCLA. Ms. Mengistu's teaching philosophy is to be a great inspirer; through her interactions with her students, she hopes to create confidence in their knowledge and use their maximum potential.

Co Founder and Co-CEO Afomia Seleshi

Mrs. Seleshi is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Ethiopian Legacy Professional Development & Consulting Firm and Associate Director of Student Life in the MBA Student Affairs Office of the UCLA Anderson School of Management. At UCLA Anderson School of Management, Mrs. Seleshi serves as the point person for case and pitch competitions, consults all MBA professional student associations on every thing from strartegy to operations, and manages all major events for MBA Student Affairs. As the point person for case and pitch competitions, Mrs. Seleshi trains students to compete effectively and organizes competitions. Prior to her role in MBA Student Affairs, Ms. Seleshi served as the Program Manager then Interim Director of the UCLA-UAI Global Executive MBA for the Americas where she managed all aspects of the program from admissions to graduation. For the first five years of her thirteen year-long-career at UCLA Anderson, Mrs. Seleshi served as the Customer Relations Manager for the Parker Career Management Center in the full-time MBA program where she garnered career coaching skills From the career coaching skills and resources Ms. Seleshi developed in the career center, she founded Mia Seleshi Career Coaching where she provided her clients services in identifying a good career fit, job search strategy, resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation and workshops on networking. Mrs. Seleshi is a seasoned veteran in community organizing having served for over fifteen years in various capacities, including in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as a Sunday School Servant, as an Advisor for the UCLA Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Association, and as a board member of the Ethiopian and Eritrean Friendship Forum. Having earned her Executive M.B.A. from Loyola Marymount University in 2019 and a B.A. from University of California, Los Angeles in Communication Studies in 2011, Mrs. Seleshi is honored to be realizing her dream of investing in Ethiopian professionals to transform lives in achieving independence, fostering entrepreneurship, and developing leaders globally through Ethiopian Legacy.